Our thinking

It is our judgment that over the last fifteen years, the industry has tended to ignore the traditional maternal Angus animal and the needs of the commercial cow-calf producers, has pushed it to be a feedlot animal, and uses the terminal EPD index -- $B - as its primary measure. We believe the industry has not yet developed indices that fully measure the traditional maternal aspects of the Angus breed - aspects critical to the performance of a cowherd. Thus, we use certain . . . not all . . . EPDs to validate our breeding.

We strongly believe the terminal EPD index of $B does not provide an effective guide for the cow-calf producer. It does not measure reproductive ability, mothering qualities, teat and udder structure, longevity and the ability to succeed on the range.

We're glad we have followed this process, because we believe recent events prove that the present EPD system using $B as its North Star may very well be inherently unreliable.

Our "older" genetics produce animals that thrive and are efficient in our range environment. Our commercial and registered animals flesh easily, and have high carcass quality in forage-fed, grass-finished, or traditional feedlot programs.

These are Timeless Genetics for Today's Profitable Producer©.