Annual Bull Sale, Burwell, Nebraska Livestock Exchange
Friday, February 5, 2016, 1:00 p.m., CST.

This sale features fifteen (15) sons by Candolier 376, seven (7) by Emulation N Bar 5522, four (4) by OCC Eureka, three (3) by OCC Broadside and the remainder by equally great sires. The mothers are outstanding.

These bulls represent our best efforts to date. And, our customers have been pleased with our previous efforts:

These bulls were bred and developed to thrive on the range:

These SVR bulls will transmit Structural Soundness, Fertility, Superior Teats and Udders, Functionally Low Birth Weight, Balanced Growth and Outstanding Carcass Quality to your herd. They will stamp your calves, assure uniformity and transmit the maternal goodness inherent in the traditional Angus breed.

These two-year olds have the proper phenotype and have excellent disposition. They will assure calving ease, and come from long-lived mothers who wean natural calves that are at least fifty percent of their mother's weight.

We developed the bulls slowly, and only on forage. They aren't hiding behind fat and tons of feed. They will last!

We did not include photos of the bulls in the sale book. We want you to see the bulls in person or on videos, so you can fully evaluate them and watch them move.

You can see the bulls on SuperiorLiveStock.com, where you can bid on them if you can't make the sale. Our specific page is http://superiorlivestock.com/production-event-detail?id=1504. Videos of the bulls are on our page at SuperiorLiveStock.com.

The video catalog and the link to videos of the bulls are also directly to the left margin of this website. Or if you would prefer a CD, please call or email us, and we'll send you one.

You're always welcome at the Ranch, where we serve the best coffee in the Sandhills. There's no better way to evaluate a bull than to see him in his natural environment, see his mother and view his siblings. You're always welcome. You can find directions on the left sidebar of our website.

As you read the catalog, you'll see that we don't list all of the EPD's available to us. Rather, we provide EPD's that are most meaningful to the cow/calf producer.

Most importantly, we do NOT select by the numbers. The environment selects our animals. If an animal can't make it on our native grass, supplemented with salt and mineral, then the animal has culled itself from our herd.

We then go one step further. We rigidly and regularly score our animals to further improve the herd. We cull females that have poor dispositions, poor legs and feet, inferior teat and udder structure and low quality milk. Our cows must maintain excellent fertility and be long-lived. The cows must be phenotypically correct, so they calf easily, feed their calves properly, and cover country during the summer. Each mother cow should wean a calf approximately sixty percent of her weight.

Our herd bulls must be easy to handle, and be phenotypically outstanding. They must be masculine, and breed with vigor. They must sire outstanding animals that have excellent carcass quality, proper phenotype, easy dispositions and superior maternal genetics.

We continually score the calves throughout their lives. Each calf is tagged, weighed and handled on foot. If the mother reacts poorly (she cannot be overly defensive or run off), she and the calf will be culled at the end of the summer. The calf must get up and suck on its own quickly. The cow needs to pair up and take the calf with her when pairing out.

If the mother and the calf do not meet these criteria, they will not be culled.

Please, go to our website, and view our donors. Nothing more needs to be said about them.

We have chosen, as AI sires, a unique battery for this sale. As you've probably noticed, we offer, at each sale, bulls sired by great sires from many years ago.

For many years, we've been asking one question of great Angus breeders: What is the one bull that you wished you had used more in your herd? (Of course, other question followed.) The answers were readily forthcoming.

One of those animals is Candolier Forever 376. Every producer who used 376 told us that they wished they had used him more. Bred in the Elsworth and Garey Candee Montana program, 376 record a 99 birth ratio, and weaning and yearling ratios of 118 and 113. He is regard as being "in a league of his own for maternal strength." That's why we used 376 - we seek to transmit the maternal goodness inherent in the Angus breed to your herd.

We used Emulation N Bar 5522 for many of the same reasons as 376. As Tom Burke points out in Angus Legends, 5522 recorded a birth weight of 80 pounds, a 205-day weight of 623 pounds for a weaning ratio 119, a 365-day weight of 1,196 pounds for a yearling ratio of 121…. 5522 gained the reputation for transmitting outstanding udder quality, fertility, feminity and longevity…."

We have used three of the N Bar's most famous sires: E 31, 5522 and EXT. All do a great job. However, we have found that that 5522's offspring perform just a bit better in our environment.

Noted Angus breeders also identified OCC Broadside as a bull that should have been used more in their herds. We saw absolutely tremendous animals produced by a South Dakota cattleman from 5522/Broadside matings, which is another reason we've incorporated him into our herd.

The final sire is OCC Eureka. He's done a great job of adding thickness, masculinity and spring of rib.

Our herd concentrates traditional Angus breeding that will improve your herd. The Emulation line provides unrivaled mothering ability, fertility, calving ease, superb teat and udder structure, and unrivaled survivability, adaptability and longevity in the range environment. Wye is original Angus and the original performance line. Wye animals are highly maternal, transmit calving ease, and provide excellent carcass quality, marbling easily on grass. Rito/Traveler transmits muscle, adds performance, helps carcass quality and provides gain. Using line-breeding and these lines of Angus cattle, we think we have produced outstanding animals.

These 75 Registered Black Angus two-year old bulls embody Timeless Genetics for Today's Producer©. We challenge you to find any other set of bulls that combines the best genetic traits of the Aberdeen Angus breed.

Please come to the sale, and see the difference!


We are a low input, forage-based Angus seedstock producer.

The phrase Timeless Genetics© describes our program because we use foundation Angus genetics to breed registered black Angus cattle. 

These cattle will help you achieve a more profitable operation, reduce everyday wear and tear, and dramatically reduce your input costs. 

We were fortunate to have our ranch and the Nebraska Sandhills featured on The American Rancher. This program describes our philosophy, shows our cattle and gives a wonderful historical tour of the Nebraska Sandhills.  

Please stop by the ranch any time; you’ll see the difference. And, the coffee is always on!  

Spring Valley Ranch and Cattle, L.L.C.